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Katherine Soskin

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Katherine has now relocated to New Mexico full time to take advantage of the magnificent land, sky and healthy air!

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Katherine M. Soskin – CREATIVE SPIRIT ART

I have used my creativity as an outlet for my many “aha’s” and for my health challenges. Throughout my life, whether through music, cooking, writing, photography, poetry, painting or counseling, I have been very blessed to have wonderful teachers and mentors. My pictures are a reflection of my travels – a palette for others to view the beauty of our world through watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic, photographs or multi-medium. I enjoy sharing this beauty and Spirituality with everyone.

Having been told, “It’s a miracle you are alive,” has given me wonderful purpose and deep gratitude. It is a great day when I can assist another in removing the rocks on his or her path and to allow that person to grow into the amazing creature intended for them.

For over thirty years, I have painted and photographed landscapes from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Italy, Greece, Israel, the Galapagos Islands, Asia, the America’s, the Midwest and now, especially, the Southwest.

My paintings and photography have appeared in Indiana one -woman shows at Clowes Memorial Hall of Butler University, the Jewish Community Center, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, as well as other venues. My art has been in the “Taos Artist’s Collective” and at the Jewish Community Center and Nahalat Shalom Congregation in Albuquerque, and recently, at the “Heritage & Arts Museum” in Los Lunas, NM. My photos, paintings and prints will be available at Hillcrest Bank, both Norte and Sur, in Taos, Nov. 1st – Dec. 31st, 2018. You can see my art at “ArtQwest”, in Carefree, AZ, as well as “End of the Trail,” a new dynamic gallery in Santa Fe. "Natural Accents Gallery" in Taos, NM is also showing Katherine's work.

Recently, I created “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”: a ZERO calorie product designed to uplift your Spirit and raise your vibration, one thought at a time!

May Mother Nature and Spirit fill you, and may you have many blessings and gentle lessons.

Katherine M. Soskin – Creative Spirit Art